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  • FOTOTREFF #35, December 03, 2022, 19h: The common city. Stadt für Alle

    Zu Gast bei FOTOTREFF #35 sind Silvia Gioberti und Paul Hutchinson. Die Architektin und urbane Praktikerin (Guerilla Architects) und der Künstler und Fotograf aus Berlin sprechen zu aktuellen künstlerischen Praktiken in der Abbildung aber auch Aktivierung des urbanen Raumes.
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  • Interview with Nura Qureshi

    Nura Qureshi The Oath Administrator, 2018, from the series Are You Calling Me a Dog?
    Nura Qureshi The Oath Administrator, 2018, from the series Are You Calling Me a Dog?

    During the run-up to FOTOTREFF #33 Not A Single Story, on diversification in photographic collections, we became aware of the wonderful work of Nura Qureshi. Katrin Kamrau, our photo book expert, spoke to the Berlin-based image-maker about her multiperspektive work Are You Calling Me A Dog?.
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  • Podcast by dieMotive with FOTOTREFF Berlin

    We don’t only write – we mostly talk. Alexander Hagmann from the magazine dieMotive invited us over for a chat in his podcast. Lean back, close your eyes and hear some photo babble on festivals, exhibitions, photobooks and what we like (and don’t) about all of these.
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  • 5 Questions 2 – our Insta takeovers (to re-enjoy & in case you missed them on Insta)

    Each Insta takeover we ask (almost) the same (more or less) questions.
    THEY ALL answer differently!
    Browse these ephemeral storys gone eternal:
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  • “Writing about Photography” – A Survey

    Survey: Writing about photography

    Yes – we sometimes write about photography. And we’ve asked some people who do more often (or more great) than us, for a statement about writing about photography.
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  • Our Editorial – what and how and why

    We just recently relaunched our website – this website. You might want to take a look at our
    Relaunch Editorial

  • What we (usually) do?

    Take a look at the past Editions of FOTOTREFF Berlin with photographers like Peter Puklus, Feng Li, Loredana Nemes, Tobias Zielony, Jessica Backhaus, curators Sonia Voss, Matthias Harder and Felix Hoffman and soon (hopefully) Laia Abril and Jörg Colberg.
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  • What is FOTOTREFF Berlin?

    A non-profit to promote documentary and artistic photography and the discussion about it. Best you can do: come over to one of our (usually) bimonthly evenings in Berlin. For the time being: read some notes
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