5Q2 - Nicolas Polli

LOL. LOL? – In January 2021 we talked to photographer Nicolas Polli, in our format 5 questions to (5Q2) where we ask the artists of our Instagram takeovers about the work they show, their influences and upcoming plans.


Fototreff: Did you encounter a special challenge while working on the project you’re showing?

Nicolas Polli: The project deals with my own perceptions and somehow demons. Obviously it has been hard to approach myself, as I tried for years to avoid questioning myself and my emotions. This project has been in a sort of way like a terrible but healing trip, as creating the images and poetry inside the book has been a way to visualize my emotion and make them tangible. All this helped me to understand better and contextualize my emotions.

FT: Which (photo-) book should everybody own (or you would like to have?

NP: Mine? Jokes apart I feel there are so many books out there that are worth to be seen and acquired that is hard/impossible to mention one. My suggestion is to get interested in a topic and try to select the books you need to motivate you and to get the knowledge you need. A rich library is always better than an empty one.

FT: Can you recommend an exhibition we should go and see right away?


FT: Have you started working on a new project? Any beans to spill?

NP: Nothing, I’m trying to get myself into the position of understanding how this project is going to be perceived at the moment. I’m still pretty moved from this last project that my brain still needs to digest what I have done in order to be in a happy place to produce something new