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SHOW + TELL: Saxon Baird

Während des SHOW + TELL wurde eine Arbeit aus unserem letzten Call präsentiert. Der in Berlin lebende Fotograf und Autor Saxon Baird sprach über eine sich in Entwicklung befindliche Arbeit.

(Photo: from an ongoing project by Saxon Baird)

Saxon Baird

“I’m thinking of how I was conditioned to be a man and a person. I’m thinking of all that generational “scraps” passed down to me from men (and women too) that stuck, and the difficulty (or inability) to upend one’s sense of self from any of this. I’m thinking about if I really can change learned and conditioned behaviors. I’m thinking about how I was taught to love. I’m thinking of failure. I’m thinking about how I mask. I’m thinking about how I show emotion (or don’t), carry myself, hold my body, desire and how I desire and want what I want. So I’m making gestures and playing, humiliating and performing in an act of self-hatred and reconciliation. I’m turning the camera on myself and subjects (my father and others) to take both agency and self-responsibility through investigation, to rephrase and reveal, again and again, my on-going negotiation with masculinity.” — Saxon Baird

Saxon Baird is an American-born artist and writer based in Berlin. Currently, he is an MFA candidate in the Image-Text program at Ithaca College in New York. His work often explores constructs of the male identity and how it relates to violence, generational trauma, and his own enmeshment.