5Q2 - Pixy Liao

In December 2020, Pixy Liao was working on building a cult – or was she? In our format 5 questions to (5Q2) we talk to the artists of our Instagram takeovers about the work they show, their influences and upcoming plans.

Pixy Liao

Born and raised in Shanghai, Pixy Liao is an artist currently residing in New York. Her long-term photo project “Experimental Relationship” challenges conventional ideas of gender dynamics. She also explores female identity in video and sculpture.

She has participated in exhibitions and performances internationally, including the Rencontres d’Arles in Arles (France); Asia Society (Houston); National Gallery of Australia (Sydney); the Museum of Sex (New York); UCCA Center for Contemporary Art (Beijing), etc.



Fototreff: Did you encounter a special challenge while working on the project you’re showing?

Pixy Liao: This is a long term project. I started it when I was in school. After graduation, we moved to New York and I started working. Even though I wasn’t working a full time job, I didn’t feel having the energy nor inspiration to continue this project. It took me about a year to get used to my new life and find my own pace to continue working on this project again. It could have ended 10 years ago.

FT: Is there a photographer or artist who influenced you in a particular way?

PL: I like female artists like Sophie Calle and Elina Brotherus. What I like about them is you can feel their real personality through their works. For me, their works are very personal and with intense emotion that resonate with my owns.

FT: Which photobook should everybody own?

PL: I don’t think there’s a book that will fit everyone. My recent favorite book is Yurie Nagashima’s Self-Portraits.

FT: Can you recommend an exhibition we should go and see as soon as possible?

PL: It’s “The Body Electric” at National Gallery of Australia, a group show I’m lucky to be included. It has a fantastic selection of female artists I admire.

FT: Have you started working on a new project? Any beans to spill?

PL: Working on building a cult.