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SHOW + TELL: Kata Geibl + Katalina Szaráz

During the SHOW & TELL part of the first FOTOTREFF #ABROAD in Budapest in 2019 two series from our last Open Call were presented by the two photographers Kata Geibl and Katalina Szaráz.


(Photo: Sisyphus by Kata Geibl)

Kata Geibl Sisyphus

By framing inanimate scientific tools as the protagonists in her work, Kata Geibl highlights how we rely on lifeless objects to reveal secrets about human nature. Sisyphus is a photographic project that commentates on our incessant obsession with science – a discourse that regularly opens up new questions rather than conclusive answers – a hydra with multiplying heads that cannot ever be fully defeated or conquered. (From the essay by Cat Lachowskyj). The series premiered at Unseen Amsterdam in 2018.


Katalina Szaráz Are we there yet? / Visions of Home

Since 2014 Katalina Szaráz moved to a new place every year. She had been living in Budapest, Antwerp, Stuttgart, Paris, and during the last six months she was travelling in Southeast Asia and Australia. In the last two years it already became an issue to define where she belonged. Katalina Szaráz had really faced these thoughts and feelings on the road, when night trains, ship cabins and hotel rooms became her non-permanent “homes”. Through her series she reflects on these feelings by documenting her “visions of home”.